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Meitantei Conan

Meitantei Conan is very popular in Japan. It's been running for six years now, and is still going strong. There are 36 volumes of the manga, as of February 2002! It's the story of a high school student who's very good at solving mysteries. He messes with something a little too dangerous, and the criminals he's trying to catch knock him out and give him a drug that's supposed to kill him, but it just turns him back into a six year old instead. So he's now a small boy, still solving cases with the help of some adult friends in on the secret. It's a great series, and I enjoy it very much! I doubt it will ever be brough to the U.S., however, because it's simply too long. I don't think any company will ever try to tackle a project that big. I'm surprised they went as far as they did with Sailor Moon, to tell the truth.

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