Japanese I've used in my Fanfiction

While I would hardly label myself an expert, I've gained some knowledge of basic Japanese, and used a spattering of it here and there in my fanfics. I've tried to list every word I've used, but if you come across one on my pages that you don't see defined, let me know and I'll explain it to you, as well as update my site. Arigato!

Japanese didn't originally use Latin letters, so there are multiple ways of writing Japanese using Latin letters (romanji). Most words can be sounded out to a reasonable degree of accuracy, but if you want more information, try the Pronunciation Guide.


Japanese English
anou comparable to English's "ummmmmm..." or "excuse me..."
arigato (gozaimasu) Thank you (more formal)
baka idiot or fool
It's the same as in English. It's often used in teasing or arguments between friends
ginzuishou silver crystal
gomen (nasai) I'm sorry (more formal)
hai Yes, aknowledgement, here you are
(i)ie No (more emphatic)
kami-sama god, usually a Shinto animistic god
konbanwa Good evening
konnichiwa Good afternoon
kurozuishou black crystal
miko priestess or maiden
minna everyone, everything
moshi moshi telephone greeting
nani what
obaa-chan (obaa-san) grandmother (more polite)*
odango (atama) dumpling (head)
This is used to mock Usagi's hairstyle
ohayo good morning, hello
ojii-chan (ojii-san) grandfather (more polite)*
(o)kaa-chan (okaa-san) mother (more polite)*
(o)nee-chan (onee-san) older sister (more polite)*
(o)nii-chan (onii-san) older brother (more polite)*
(o)tou-chan (otou-san) father (more polite)*
oyasumi (nasai) good night (more polite)
sensei teacher, doctor, lawyer
senshi warrior, soldier

* Strangers can be addressed with these family names by children if they're of the right age and sex. A young child could call a young man "onii-san" (older brother) even though they're not related.

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