Learn some useful, everyday Japanese, such as "Die!" or "Seven star men"!

Okay, well, it may not be so useful after all...though there are times when shouting "Die!" as loud as you can will clear a little breathing room in a crowded train car... Knowing a little Japanese is kinda cool, though, right?

Since this is an anime web site, I will only list some of the most interesting/useful bits of Japanese to help you understand some important elements of Japanese culture. I hope this will help you understand and appreciate some elements of anime more, especially if you enjoy watching subs. This also contains a dictionary of all the Japanese I use in my Sailor Moon fanfiction, where I have sprinkled random (not completely random...) Japanese words to add authenticity.

Japanese Dictionary for Fanfiction

Romaji Pronunciation Guide

Japanese Alphabets

Japanese Names

Rurouni Kenshin: Fun with Archaic Japanese and Politeness levels

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