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Hana Zagari no Kimi-tachi e

The title means "To you with full blossoms" (or at least that's the official translation). It's actually not an anime, it's only a manga. It's a gender bender story, and very cute. A girl wants to go to high school with a guy she really admires, who was a high jump champion. Unfortunately he goes to a boys only high school, so she cuts off her hair, diets like mad, and wears a vest to hide boys don't have. She ends up rooming with the boy she admires, and they become friends. There are lots of adventures, tense moments, all the fun and awkward situations inherent in a gender-bender story...and I'm absolutely hooked. Unfortunately the comic is only published about half as often as usual, so I have to wait three or four months between new volumes! Nooooooo!

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