Rules of Use

I have a few simple rules for using my original pictures.

My Original Work:

First off, they are original. I did not copy or trace anything to create these pictures. I claim no rights to the character designs of any fanart I have drawn, but I do claim the copyright on the actual picture.


Please do not steal them. Don't claim them as your own original work, and please don't do graphic editting of them and then claim them as your own work. Don't place them on a web page or in your web design graphics without first asking for permission. Don't use my pictures for any commercial enterprise whatsoever.


Feel free to view them and download them for personal use. Also, don't hesitate to ask me if you may place my art on your site or use it in some way. I have never yet said "No," to anyone. If you have permission to use my artwork on any web site or in any public way, please place a link back to or, or a link to my e-mail address, I have also provided some buttons and banners for you to use when linking to my site.

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