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Please feel free to use these banners to link to my site. If none of these designs appeal to you, please tell me what sort of design you would like, and I'll be happy to oblige you. If you put up a link to my site, e-mail me to get your site linked up at the bottom of the page! Please link to "".

Japanese Books, Manga, Calendars, Videos, DVDs and CDs

You need to be able to read and type Japanese text to use this site! But you
can use this site to find most of the current Japanese media on the market
today! It's a great resource that I use all the time!

Art Supply Links

Akadot Retail This site has a great supply of Japanese black and white screen tone,
for producing Japanese manga. There are lots of other great art supplies
and anime goodies, so check it out!
Copic Web Site This is where you can buy Copic markers, and other tools associated with the
Copic system. I love these markers, and swear by them. I currently own only
Ciao markers, but someday, when I'm filthy rich, I will buy all of the Sketch

Japan Links

Mino Town
Exchange Assoc.
This is the site for the Mino Town International Exchange Association, which
I worked for while in Japan. It has a lot of information about the town where
I lived, and portions of the site are in English!

Anime Links

Inuyasha Links

o Togi Zoushi
Great Inuyasha website! English translations of current Shonen Sunday episodes
and scans from the manga make this a great source for those of us stuck in the
Access Inuyasha This is a huge site, full of many things, including forums, information,links,
galleries and fanfics. One of the better Inuyasha sites I have seen.

Sailormoon Links

Shoujo Fiction Great Sailormoon fanfic site (plus other genres). I have some artwork, very old, up on this site as well.

Reciprocal Links

Haku Baikou Has some of my Rurouni Kenshin art up
Anime Tear Drops Used one of my Inuyasha fanarts to create website chibi characters
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