Personal :: Biography

I was born in 1977 in Dearborn, Michigan. I have two younger brothers, Greg, and Justin, and of course, my wonderful parents. When I was 12 our family moved to West Michigan to be closer to our extended families. I went to Christian schools through the end of junior high, then I attended public high school. I went to the University of Toledo from 1996-2000 on a four year, full ride scholarship, and graduated in May, 2000 with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. In July of 2000 I took a job as an Assistant Language Teacher in Mino Town, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan (don't bother looking on a map unless it's VERY detailed, it's a very small town!). I taught English to 4-12 year olds for two years. I came back to the States in July, 2002.

I have myriad interests, including art, computers, anime, math, Japanese culture and language, physics, writing stories and poetry, reading science fiction and fantasy, and strategy computer games. I have been drawing and creating stories since I was four years old (you wouldn't believe some of the stuff my mom saves! Yikes!), and maybe even before then. I guess the oddest thing about me is my broad interests. Usually someone is very left-brained and creative, or very right-brained and logical, but I really like to combine the two. I think that's why I like web site design so much, it requires elements of both artistic creativity and analytical, logical thought. ^_^

Please peruse my site! I think you'll find out a lot about me simply by looking at it. This site will be updated, maybe with favorite artists, books, or anime as time progresses.