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Just One More Story

I just canít take the time, you see
For a boring, normal person like me.
Instead I have a simple plea
Which Iím sure wonít cause any difficulty.

I want one last adventure before I close my eyes.
One more story before daylight dies.
I want my thoughts to once more rise
As high and free as an eagle flies.

I want to find out where the treasure lies,
Or go on a quest to seek out the wise,
Where heroes are brave and a damselís sighs
Can be heard while she bids fond good-byes.

I want duels, romances, dangerous plights,
Betrayals, tragedies, dark treacherous nights,
Mages, magics, elves, dwarves and sprites,
Bright shining castles, glorious fights!

I want stories and epics and ballads and tales,
Where good always triumphs and evil fails.
With bright flashing swords and open sails
Iíll create new legends and blaze new trails.

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