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This is some of my best poetry. I tend to be very literal and analytical about things, so my most interesting poetry is usually written when I am in a slightly...altered...state. Since I am a strongly religious and controlled person, my altered states are entered because of a really bad head cold, severe fever, or sleep deprivation. Sorry, no drugs or adult beverages were abused in the writing of these poems! I also really like my magnetic poetry set, I find it helps me stretch my language, especially my metaphors.

Autumn Dance Breaking Barriers
Cana and the Nile End of Spring
Hurricane Just One More Story
Knowledge of Good and Evil Morning
Moving to Allendale Neko
The Nightmare Pretense
Source of the Soul Sunrise
Temptress A Theism
Vacation in Florida Untitled Haiku
The Wandering Minstrel's Song Whispers
Wo Ai Ni

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